Putting the Teacher Planner Together

Remember the teacher planner I created and blogged about a couple of weeks ago? Well I had mine printed way back then, but just got around to creating tabs for it and getting it bound. I am in LOVE!!
I posted this picture on Facebook last night and got a bunch of questions from other teachers asking about how it was put together, so I'll try to answer all of your questions here!

1. What's inside the planner? What sections did you include?
Check out this blog post from a few weeks ago to see what's inside this specific planner!! :)

2. Where did you take it to get printed?
I shopped around online and priced how much it would be to get it printed at different places. I also scoured the internet for some good coupon codes. I ended up getting mine printed at the UPS Store because I had a 30% off coupon at the time. It ended up being $38 to get it printed. I know it's still expensive, but it's less than I've spent on Erin Condren planners the past two years, and I'll actually use every page! Plus, I added A LOT of extra meetings notes pages in mine. It's all going to depend on how many pages end up in yours. I like to think that I will be using this thing every.single.day, so I was willing to spend the $38 to get it printed.

Here are some current coupon codes you can use to print (please note the expiration dates!):
FedEx (30% off your total order; no exp. date posted): NBUVGK8
Staples (20% off your Copy & Print product of $50+; exp. 7/25): 67755
UPS Store (20% off your order; exp. 7/31): SITE20

3. How did you set it up?
Here's what I spent my morning doing today...

First, I ended up cutting my cover up a little and gluing to black cardstock. This just made it a little thicker and I like the black around it. I did this to the front and back covers and laminated them.

One thing I recommend is leaving quite a bit of lamination to the left instead of cutting around the cover perfectly. You can see in the picture below I left a small bit, but I wish I had left a lot more. This way your cover will stick out a little more and cover and protect your tabs!! I think my tabs will still be ok, but it would have been nice to have the extra coverage for when I throw it in my teaching bag. 

I bought these tabs from Amazon...

Then I used my Silhouette (read more about it here) to design the titles for my tabs. I stopped taking pictures at this point because I spent the next hour or so weeding, cutting and transferring the vinyl titles to the tabs. I'm sure there's an easier way to do this. I would suggest just writing on your tabs with a Sharpie to be honest, this was so.much.work! BUT, I do love how they came out. :)

Then I just added those nifty post-it tabs into my planner to divide up my sections!

4. Where did you get it bound?
I got mine bound at Office Max/Office Depot (Did you know they apparently merged?! I didn't until today!) for...wait for it...$3!!They'll also laminate your front and back covers for you for an extra dollar or so, but since I already had laminated mine at home I only had to pay the $3! :) Staples also does it for $5, which is not a bad deal at all!
I love how it came out!!! It almost makes me ready to start the school year...but I'm not 100% there quite yet ;)

If you're interested in checking out the planner I offer, you can find it here!
 I'm off to write in all of our days off for the next school year!! ;)


  1. I love your planner! It's gorgeous! This is probably a super random question, but what kind of vinyl did you use? Is it Silhouette brand? The tabs are a super genius idea! :)

    1. Hi Traci! Thank you! :) Yep, it's just the Silhouette brand. :)

  2. What kind of paper do you have it printed on? Is it just normal printer/copier paper or thicker? Thanks! I am looking forward to making my own. I think im going to go the binder route :)