What's in your TPT cart?!

AH! The big TPT Sale is almost here!!! :) If you haven't heard...
Woo-hoo!! Starting Monday, August 3rd, lots of sellers will put their stores on sale for 20% off, and then TPT gives us a code to get an ADDITIONAL 10% off!!! It's such a great time to stock up on Back to School goodies.
I love seeing what other teachers are buying during the sale...lots of products end up making their way into my cart that way. ;) So, here's a few things I'm planning on grabbing during the sale. Feel free to link up at the link above (big thanks to Speech Room News for hosting!) and share what you're excited about buying as well! Don't have a blog?! Tell me in the comments, I LOVE finding goodies to add to my cart...though my husband might not love it as much. ;)

 Here's two products I'm excited about using for the first week of school!! I love a good "Math About Me" project to mix things up, and the writing activities will be perfect for me to get to know my new kiddos!
All About Me Math Craft & Chart
All About Me Writing Activities
I'm required to have a Word Wall this year in my classroom and I want to make sure my students are doing meaningful activities to get familiar with the words on it. Can't wait to snag this pack from Amy Lemons!! She has the BEST stuff!
Sticking to the Sight Words!
I'm also excited to really teach my students how to work well in groups together! My first two years I never really taught them how to work together successfully, and I always wanted to pull my hair out when I had them work in groups. Big teacher mistake!! I got better at it last year, but I can't wait to use this pack to help my students become respectful group members!
Ready, Set, Groups!
 These next two I already purchased and set up in my new room, but I had to share in case you're looking for something similar. I LOVE the idea of Classroom "Crews" instead of individual classroom jobs. It will make my life SO much easier and promotes community as well. I'm also kind of obsessed with these adorable schedule cards. :)
Classroom Crews
Editable Daily Schedule Cards
Here's a few of my favorite products you can snag for a major discount during the sale! Perfect for BACK TO SCHOOL! :)
Student Data Folders
Editable Classroom Bunting
Setting Up Math Journals

 Ok, let's see what y'all are buying!!! There's always room in my cart for more great resources... ;)


Putting the Teacher Planner Together

Remember the teacher planner I created and blogged about a couple of weeks ago? Well I had mine printed way back then, but just got around to creating tabs for it and getting it bound. I am in LOVE!!
I posted this picture on Facebook last night and got a bunch of questions from other teachers asking about how it was put together, so I'll try to answer all of your questions here!

1. What's inside the planner? What sections did you include?
Check out this blog post from a few weeks ago to see what's inside this specific planner!! :)

2. Where did you take it to get printed?
I shopped around online and priced how much it would be to get it printed at different places. I also scoured the internet for some good coupon codes. I ended up getting mine printed at the UPS Store because I had a 30% off coupon at the time. It ended up being $38 to get it printed. I know it's still expensive, but it's less than I've spent on Erin Condren planners the past two years, and I'll actually use every page! Plus, I added A LOT of extra meetings notes pages in mine. It's all going to depend on how many pages end up in yours. I like to think that I will be using this thing every.single.day, so I was willing to spend the $38 to get it printed.

Here are some current coupon codes you can use to print (please note the expiration dates!):
FedEx (30% off your total order; no exp. date posted): NBUVGK8
Staples (20% off your Copy & Print product of $50+; exp. 7/25): 67755
UPS Store (20% off your order; exp. 7/31): SITE20

3. How did you set it up?
Here's what I spent my morning doing today...

First, I ended up cutting my cover up a little and gluing to black cardstock. This just made it a little thicker and I like the black around it. I did this to the front and back covers and laminated them.

One thing I recommend is leaving quite a bit of lamination to the left instead of cutting around the cover perfectly. You can see in the picture below I left a small bit, but I wish I had left a lot more. This way your cover will stick out a little more and cover and protect your tabs!! I think my tabs will still be ok, but it would have been nice to have the extra coverage for when I throw it in my teaching bag. 

I bought these tabs from Amazon...

Then I used my Silhouette (read more about it here) to design the titles for my tabs. I stopped taking pictures at this point because I spent the next hour or so weeding, cutting and transferring the vinyl titles to the tabs. I'm sure there's an easier way to do this. I would suggest just writing on your tabs with a Sharpie to be honest, this was so.much.work! BUT, I do love how they came out. :)

Then I just added those nifty post-it tabs into my planner to divide up my sections!

4. Where did you get it bound?
I got mine bound at Office Max/Office Depot (Did you know they apparently merged?! I didn't until today!) for...wait for it...$3!!They'll also laminate your front and back covers for you for an extra dollar or so, but since I already had laminated mine at home I only had to pay the $3! :) Staples also does it for $5, which is not a bad deal at all!
I love how it came out!!! It almost makes me ready to start the school year...but I'm not 100% there quite yet ;)

If you're interested in checking out the planner I offer, you can find it here!
 I'm off to write in all of our days off for the next school year!! ;)


Using the Silhouette in the Classroom

OH.MY.GOSH!!! Have you heard of the Silhouette machine?! Let me tell you - it's something I purchased last spring with the intent of just having it for fun. Now the new school year is less than two weeks away and I've been setting up my classroom, and it is my new best friend!!! I can't wait to show you all of the adorable things I've used it for in my own classroom.

If you haven't heard of the Silhouette, it's a cutting machine that can cut pretty much anything...paper, vinyl, fabric, etc. It can even make stickers and heat transfer materials (to make shirts or bags or whatever!), I've used it to make stencils...there is no end to what it can do. I'm still just a beginner so I'm sure it can do even more than all of that!

Anyway, I convinced my hubby to get me one after one of my best friends made us all Koozies for a big Memorial Day weekend (he's a sucker for Koozies!). She also made me vinyl decals with all of my students' names on them for End of the Year gifts last year. How adorable did they come out?! My kids LOVED them!
In addition, she made monograms for all of my teammates that I applied to some adult sippy cups (if you know what I mean!). I forgot to take pictures of those, but they were just as perfect. Anyway, if you need any vinyl goodness, go check out her etsy store here:
{J. Wolff on Etsy}
She's seriously the sweetest and will help you with anything you might want!! Keep reading for an awesome teacher GIVEAWAY from her!!! :)

Alright, onto my classroom! Here's a quick peek at how I used my Silhouette in my classroom:

First of all, I used vinyl to completely transform my Calendar area & Focus Wall. Wall space is super limited in my new classroom so I split the white board to house both of these important areas. I used the Silhouette to cut vinyl decals for me to write the date and digital date, as well as the learning target (objective) and standard for each subject. I LOVE how it looks...it will keep my boards organized all year long.

I also used vinyl to label these ADORABLE pencil cups from the Target Dollar Spot. I love how they came out!

Probably my favorite contribution from my Silhouette is that it cut ALL these bunting banners out. I used them all over my classroom to label bulletin boards. The machine cut out the bunting and the letters and I just glued them together. My husband was so sick of hearing me go on and on about how I'll never have to cut anything again EVER (probably not true, but I was EXCITED y'all!!!).

It also cut out allllll of my word wall and bulletin board letters for me!! No purchasing and punching out letters for me anymore (which to be honest I have never done!). I love that I can make it in any font too! I'll be doing this all.year.long.

Here's the link to the Silhouette if you want to check it out:

Or, if you aren't ready to drop the money yet, you can purchase the vinyl decals seen above from my TPT store (they'll be mailed to you!):
{Click Here}
{Click Here}
{Click Here}

 Or, if you need a CUSTOM Classroom Vinyl Decal, check out this listing below. I'd love to work with you to create what you need for your classroom!

{Click Here}
Additionally, you can purchase the digital EDITABLE file for the Classroom Bunting here:
{Click Here}

Ready for the GIVEAWAY!?!?
My sweet friend Jess is giving away an ADORABLE Apple Monogram decal...you can put this on anything your little heart desires, but I think it would be particularly cute on a water bottle or tumbler that you can bring to and from school. :) I'm also giving away my Editable Classroom Bunting as well as the Pencil Cup Vinyl Decals.

* Sorry for the extreme overuse of the word ADORABLE in this post! :) * 


4th of July Dollar Deals!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!! 

I love this holiday...I'm all about BBQs and spending time with family and friends. This year the hubby and I are on our own since we just made the move to Nashville, but we're excited to do some exploring around town today.

In honor of the 4th of July, I marked 4 of my most wish-listed products down to just $1! In addition to that, the rest of my store is on sale! :) That is 4 Dollar Deal products and 20% off of the rest of my store. The sale and dollar deals run through tomorrow, Sunday July 5th. Check them out while you can, it's a great way to stock up on some Back to School Essentials!



Favorite Things Linky: Netflix Style!

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio today for their Favorite Things Linky!! 

We had a big move at the beginning of the summer from Florida to Nashville, TN. I've unpacked most of the house, and we FINALLY got our internet hooked up. Which means I'm finally relaxing, working on TPT products & blogging, and....binge-watching TV shows on Netflix!! ;)

Here are my top 3 favorite TV shows to binge-watch during the summer!
I'm currently watching the new season of Orange is the New Black, and Parenthood is my all-time favorite...I've been rewatching the series here and there. I'm also finishing up the last season of Downton Abbey on Amazon. I am LOVING having time this summer to relax and catch up on some fun TV shows. 

Any new shows I should be watching?! The hubby and I have been watching Season 2 of True Detective, but would love another show we can watch together on Netflix. What are your favorites?