Back to School FREEBIES! :)

Hey ya'll!! It's been about a week since I've blogged, but I was in KEY WEST enjoying my last few days of summer vacation. :)
We drove down to Key West (about 5 hours) last Thursday morning and got back Sunday night. Then I was up bright and early Monday morning to go back to school for preplan week! I probably spent more time in my team members' rooms chatting today than I did working in my own classroom on Monday, but in between meetings the past few days I've gotten a lot done!! I'm hoping to post my classroom reveal later this week...just a few tiny details to finish up! :) I've been prepping for Meet the Teacher and the students' first week back, I have stumbled upon some GREAT freebies I wanted to share with you!! Hopefully they'll be as useful to use as they are to me.

Classroom Prep Freebies:
First up...check out this ADORABLE alphabet from RaraDT!! I couldn't believe it was a freebie...I love it and have already gotten so many compliments on it from other teachers.
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I am trying to be as prepared as possible and don't want to miss teaching any important routines to my new group of kiddos!! This list from Tamara Russell is so comprehensive and helps you to really think through establishing your classroom routines and will keep you on track when teaching them to your new students! :)
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Meet the Teacher Freebies:
Our principal asks us to write a short introduction letter for students and parents to get to know us. I love that idea, but even more, I love that this template from Whitney Parlin is cute and free!!
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I wanted to have some small surprise on my students' desks for when they come in for Meet the Teacher...I bought glow stick bracelets in the Target dollar section (15 for $1!!!). I found these adorable tags from Teach with Laughter to go with them.
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First Week of School Freebies:
How adorable is this 4-corners game from One Extra Degree?! I love that it gets students up and moving...they will have so much FUN! I also like the questions she helps to get to know your students' learning styles and preferences.
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This first day of school memory poster is adorable from Miss Helen's Hippos is a perfect quiet activity for students while you sort through supplies or double check how students are going home. I think I'll hang them in my room for the first week and then send them home for parents to see!
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I hope you can use some of these freebies!!! :) If you do enjoy them, make sure you leave feedback for the creator and sharer of that awesome freebie! ;)

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