Two for Tuesday: Literacy Goodies

Wooo, it's Two for Tuesday! Two for Tuesday means I get to put two of my favorite TPT products on sale for 50% off today only...and you get TWO awesome products for the price of one.

The first product I'm featuring is my Interactive Foldable Character Project. This is a project I created in my first year of teaching. I did it as a take-home project that first year, but this past year I actually did it in-class during the last week of school. I can honestly tell you that my kids LOVED this project. They had a blast thinking like their favorite book character and getting to design them.
 This was my example I made with the kids - hopefully you can tell that it's Harry Potter! ;)

On the outside of the character:
  • recreation of the cover
  •  a name tag introducing the character
  •  a speech bubble that includes a meaningful quote from the character
  • 8 adjectives describing the character on the arms & legs

On the inside of the character:
  • a camera where the character has taken a "picture" of something. (This was one of my kids' favorite parts - they have to think like that character and think of what he/she would take a picture of.)
  • the character's iPod, where they have to list 3 songs that character might have on their iPod. (For example, Harry Potter listens to "Do You Believe in Magic?") 
  • the center part contains an interview with the character, where once again, students step into the character's shoes and answer an interview as that character.
Here was what some of the finished products from my second graders looked like. They were SO proud of them and had so much fun making and presenting them! Can you spot Spongebob, Clementine, and a Rainbow Fairy?!

If you're interested in doing this project with your students next year, check out the link below! The pack includes all templates, directions, and a rubric. Today you can snag it for just $2! 

The second product I'm featuring was a great addition to my classroom last year. I wanted an incentive for students that would help self-motivate them to read and provide them with a sense of accomplishment. We use Accelerated Reader at our school and set point goals for our student. Students' goals vary depending on their reading level and such, but it's a very personal thing and individual goals are not shared with the whole class. I couldn't very well have them track their "points" in a public way in the classroom, because some of my students were earning 20 points a quarter, while others struggled to earn 8. So, instead we track the percentage of their goal they've met every Friday using my Super Readers AR tracking set.

If you're interested in the Super Readers pack, check out the link below - you can grab it for just $2.50 today only! 

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. Love the character project! I have it in my cart and will check out as soon as I have at least $3.00 in my cart--great price at $2!! I am a fellow second grade teacher blogger and new follower!