Monday Meet Me!

I'm excited to link up with The Teaching Tribune today for my very first blog post!! It happens to be Monday Meet-Me, which seems like the perfect topic for my first post.

 Monday Meet Up

Here we go, three random facts about me to get started...

AND, since this is my very first time introducing myself to the blogging world, I decided to include a few pictures.

Here's that adorable pup I mentioned before...he is seriously the SWEETEST!

Did I mention we're Florida State fans?? I became one by marriage, but funny enough we met in college when we both attended the University of Central Florida.

This is my amazing, yes, another football game. I may have been born and raised in Florida, but my parents are from Michigan and my brother and I were raised Lions fans!

That's all I've got for now! Check on back tomorrow when I'll be marking TWO of my very favorite TPT products 50% off!!! 

(Did I also mention I'm a TPT addict and I love a good sale?! ;) )

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  1. Congratulations on starting your blogging adventure! My husband and I had the pleasure of listening to Coach Bowden speak at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes event several years ago and I loved him! What a cute name for your pup!
    The Blessed Teacher